Bethlehem Central School District

About Us

The Bethlehem Central BEATeam is a group of 12 (...errrr - 13) members of the Transportation Department dedicated to fulfilling the NYSED mandate to teach bus safety to the children in our schools.

Our mission:

Our mission is to further the safety of children on the school bus by demonstrating procedures to guard against the dangers presented by passenger, roadway, and parking lot environments.

Our goal is to provide every member of the district with an awareness of both the safety issues and the correct behaviors that foster the necessary teamwork to boost our school bus safety

Our vision is:

  • to inspire increased support for our work,
  • to refresh, annually, our programs for the best possible impact on our varying audiences,
  • to expand our programs into Middle and High School levels, and,
  • to provide a template for similar program development in other school districts