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Over the years your BEATeam has had numerous requests from faculty and staff for both "lesson plan concepts" and materials to assist them in bringing Buster's message into your classrooms.
We will use these pages to make available to you any and all materials we have at our disposal and hope you will assist us in building a comprehensive library of ideas, concepts, actual lesson plans, multimedia aids, etc, that your colleagues might share.
Please feel free to forward anything you would like to see included here to

Monthly Safety Refreshers by your BEATeam

Each month throughout the school year we will provide a "Scenario of the Month" to help drive classroom discussion and activity. The scenario will be posted here and we encourage you to find room in your already overburdened schedules to include at least a brief classroom discussion on the topic of the month.


  •  Weather "issues"
  • Early Dismissals
  • Waiting for the bus at school and/or at the stop
  • The infamous "back seats"
  • Danger Zones and Protected Zones
  • The Honor System: trust and correcting yourself
  • Who is your Driver?
  • Understanding the crossing procedure
  • Bullying dangers and consequences
  • Ridership etiquette
  • The Sub Driver - being a "helper" on the bus
  • You just missed the bus! Do's and Don'ts

BEAT "Readers Theater"

Brand new for 2008 Primary and Secondary Elementary Sessions - the BEAT READERS THEATER!!!!

Kids learn best when they are involved in the process and the impact of peer pressure is (sometimes, unfortunately) a well known fact. By involving not just a couple of students in the presentations as we have in the past, but an entire classroom in each session we anticipate many more of them will really "hear" the message and take it to heart. Who better than another "kid" to deliver the message?

Readers Theater just doesn't just "happen" though without a concerted effort and significant investment of time and patience on the Teachers part and for that we are eternally grateful to the "pioneers" who have graciously volunteered to assist us with the maiden voyage of what we hope will prove to be an integral part of the sessions for years to come.
Each school will have one class in the primary section and one in secondary. BEAT will provide the script but teachers and students are not only free to, but encouraged to, "ad lib" as they practice and hone their performance. BEAT will provide to each school a Team member who will function as a "liaison" to assist where needed.

The "volunteer" teachers and students for this year are listed below. Without their assistance this program could never get off the ground and for that we extend a heartfelt "THANK YOU!!!"
"Thanks" too to the Principals and support staff personnel for their support and assistance.

Click here for the 2008 Readers Theater SCRIPT

school primary email secondary email liaison email  
Clarksville Mrs. Valentini Mrs. MacCallum Isaac  
Elsmere Mrs. Kvam Mr. Valenti Jim  
Glenmont Mrs. Quirk Mrs. Quirk Ellen  
Slingerlands Ms. Hajeck Mr. Betor Ellen  
Hamagrael Mrs. Salmonsen Mrs. Szczech Ellen  
Eagle Ms. Porter Ms. Obermayer Laura  
St. Thomas         Dave